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DDoS Protection

GETSHIELD specializes in providing a variety of DDoS Protection solutions for your website. No matter the complexity of the attack GETSHIELD is there to protect you.

Website Vulnerability Assessment

With website hacking on a rise, it is important to have a website fully functional and safe. A web server should be free of excessive data, flaws, and hacker vulnerabilities.


GetShield has Connections with multiple core Internet Service Providers. These connections enable GetShield to provide multi-gigabit attack protection.

Simple Process

Whether you are getting a Vulnerability Scan or Protection Against DDoS Attacks, Our simple no brainer process will get you started in a snap.

Case Studies

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From The Blog

Java Servlet target Apache Tomcat Servers

November 28th by getshield

A worm-like type of malicious software has been found targeting Apache Tomcat, an open-source Web server application, according to Symantec. The malware, which Symantec calls “Java.Tomdep,” differs from other server malware as it’s not written in the PHP scripting language, wrote Takashi Katsuki in a blog post. Instead, it acts like a Java Servlet, a […]

The ever so complicating Application-layer DDoS attacks

November 22nd by getshield

What is sad about the presence of advanced technology is the bad part of that very same technology. A very bad part of this technology is no other than the knowledge and smarts to create bad things such as an Application-layer DDoS attack. These form of targeted attacks online are indeed a real threat and […]

What a great service! We were up and running within minutes with nothing to install on our end.  No major downtime since moving with GETSHIELD.

Jane R. Douglas