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Nov 22

The ever so complicating Application-layer DDoS attacks

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Nov 22

What is sad about the presence of advanced technology is the bad part of that very same technology. A very bad part of this technology is no other than the knowledge and smarts to create bad things such as an Application-layer DDoS attack. These form of targeted attacks online are indeed a real threat and something that can literally bring down one’s defenses when they do least expect it to happen.  What is more scary is that they are getting more and more advanced too. Application-layer DDoS attack is an unsettling reality that no one should have to deal with, but it is something that will not go away.

What makes these DDoS attacks very bad is the fact that they openly take advantage of weak spots that are existent in Web applications or network services. It is very hard to protect one’s self in these instances. Lucian Constantin has explained more details  to understand what they are capable of doing from a security  point of view in his post “Application-layer DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated” on PC World.

The complexity in detecting the good traffic from the Bad traffic is what makes these application-layer attacks more difficult to mitigate. It is possible to defend your applications with precautions like device evaluations, improved configurations, or better capacity planning.

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