Leader in DDoS Mitigation


Over the past five years, GetShield has brought together a group of network engineers, developers and network security specialists that specialize in mitigating Dos/DDoS (also known as distributed denial of service) attacks, that have shut down massive corporations before. After five years of studying, experimenting, and reducing malicious traffic, the GetShield team has emerged as the leader in preventing DDoS for organizations and institutes vulnerable to DDoS.

In these modern times it’s hard to control the DDoS Problem, but not impossible. At GetShield, we have all the solutions to the different kinds of attacks out there just waiting to happen, such as UDP Flood, ICMP (or ping) Flood, SYN flood, POD, Slowloris as well as the new attack “Zero-day DDoS” and many others. We are always ready to face any DDoS problem. We have a complete, cloud based DDoS Protection program that has already worked for many real world DDoS attacks on numerous websites since 2007.