get back to normalized operations

Case Study – Consumer Electronics


GETSHIELD helps a Consumer Electronics Manufacturer get back to normalized operations after experiencing a severe DDoS attack


America’s number one HDTV and consumer electronics manufacturer company contacted GETSHIELD after experiencing a DDoS attack.


The Chief Technology Officer of the Electronics Manufacturer called GETSHIELD in December 2010 as they were suffering from 1Gbps of SYN Flood while experiencing a DDoS attack that was affecting their web site operations. Their website was down and their phone support system was over killing them because of high volume of support calls.


GETSHIELD provided DDoS protection for the domain on a reverse proxy system and secured port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS). The quick and easy setup got mitigation service to implement in minutes. GETSHIELD proxy started to receive the traffic from client domain and our technicians began filtering the bad requests.


The website normal traffic was restored the same day. Website was up and running with minor glitches for the first 12 hours of protection period and error free after that.

The client remains with GETSHIELD to date and expresses satisfaction with the services provided.