Quick DDoS Protection Setup

Case Study – Education Board


GETSHIELD helped a prominent Education board of a US State to restore their website from a DDoS attack.


A leading School board of a US State makes it possible for schools, regardless of size, to work together to share staff, save money, and extend educational opportunities to all corners of  region and to all children.


The Education board is hosting numerous websites on its server to provide services to the multiple schools under its umbrella.  There have been small outages due to small DDoS attacks in past, but the impact of these attacks were minimal.

In Dec. 2012, client experienced a  10,000 packets per second of SYN Flood DDoS Attack on their website that penalized their whole online operations. Initially they tried to handle the attack with software setup locally but that did not work out. Eventually they contacted GETSHIELD  for a solution.


GETSHIELD implemented our Quick DDoS Protection setup to address the problem. We put the client on  5 different proxies (IPs) for 184 domains, with locations all over US, such as Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, Washington DC, Los Angeles CA and Seattle WA.

With this solutions, our network started distributing the traffic, going to client server, to different regions. Then the traffic was examine and filtered at our proxy level on different nodes. Our system then come to work and blocked the suspicious requests at that point. All clean traffic was then sent to client server to access the website.  Eventually blocking the attack and bringing client’s website back online.


With DDoS protection setup, client was able to restore their website and go about what they do best, focus on the education of the new generation. They are not worried about any future downtime on their website as GETSHIELD is proactively monitoring the website traffic to make sure the website stays up and running.

Client gets a monthly report on the performance of the website and list of any attacks on the server during that month. Often any attacks on the website are automatically filtered and client does not even experience any website breakouts.