Proactive Monitoring and on demand DDoS Protection

Case Study – IT Solution Provider

DDos Attack

GETSHIELD Provide Proactive Monitoring and on demand DDoS Protection service to IT Solution provider not experiencing any active DDoS attacks.


An Indian multinational IT solutions provider recently contacted GETSHIELD to have a DDoS protection setup for their website.  The client provide IT Solutions to Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industry. The solution client provide include airline passenger reservation; loyalty management; airline and airport operations; airline cargo services; aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul; travel and cruise; and hospitality distribution.


Due to diverse online service portfolio related to TTL Industry, there are always chances for any organization to be a victim of DDoS attacks. Especially if the services are provided to Airline and Shipping industry. It is always a good idea to keep your footprints secured from any service disturbance. This was the main reason our client contacted us to set up DDoS attack monitoring service on their website.

Even though the client website was not under any attack, client wanted to make sure that their website stay up in case there is an attack.


GETSHIELD put the client website on our proactive monitoring and Automatic Protection setup. This service use reverse proxy system to monitor Port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) of a website 24/7. Incase there are any suspected traffic identified, the automatic protection layer is activated, stopping the DDoS attack and making sure the site stays up. This solution also provide free 24 hour Upgrade to a high volume attacks if accrued.


With to ProActive monitoring setup, client has been worry free for more than a year now of any DDoS attack.  With a free 24 hour upgrade, rest assure that the client website will stay up and running regardless of the size of attack.