GETSHIELD helps a Not for Profit Organization from repeated DDoS attacks, help protect their Domain and secure their ports


Our client was a nonprofit organization that works to improve the conditions of America’s largest and most ecologically diverse and productive estuary systems. The foundation strives to improve water quality and ecological balance in the local bay and its rivers, and strengthen political will for area restoration.


On Aug 12th 2013, our client contacted GETSHIELD and asked for help to repel repeated DDoS attacks and to find protected host. Not only their Domain was under attack, their IP was targeted as well, and it was null routed from the data center. Client’s data center was very uncooperative and our client had to switch the hosting company. On Aug. 29th 2013 we were provided with a new backend IP.


GETSHIELD provided DDoS protection for the domain on inverse proxy system, and secured port 80 (HTTP). But the issue persisted at the client’s data center; due to data center’s inability to white list GETSHIELD’s IP address hence GETSHIELD was seeing huge time outs. Eventually, our client decided to switch the hosting company and on Aug. 29th 2013 we were provided a new backend IP. All issues were satisfactorily resolved afterwards.


GETSHIELD offered free services since our client was a 501C nonprofit organization. GETSHIELD successfully managed to retain the Client as they stated their comfort with the services provided.