Blanket Security for DDoS Attcks

DDoS Protection

DDos Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack overloads a targeted system with Internet traffic must the same way as a standard Denial of Service (DOS) attack with one exception. In a DDoS, the inbound traffic is coming from hundreds if not thousands of different locations. In a standard DOS, the targeted system could block the attack by blocking the IP address of the computer attempting to flood it with information. The distributed technique makes detection and blocking the attack difficult because it is spread over many different systems and looks like normal user traffic.

GetShield specializes in providing a variety of DDoS Protection solutions for your website. No matter the complexity of the attack GetShield is there to protect you. Unlike other companies, our technicians deal with cyber-attacks on a daily basis, so when you call for support you can feel confident that our experienced staff will be able to answer all of your questions with facts and get you onboard with our simple startup process.

Unlike other services, we do not use a third party black box or filter massive blocks of IP address based solely on their location or some unknown algorithm. We can and do control 100% of the functions of our cloud based DDoS service. We use software and techniques that individually block known malicious IPs and requested IPs on a case by case basis. This ensures no one falsely gets blocked.

GetShield uses both proxy and caching components for DDoS mitigation. Our system can also act as a content distribution network (CDN), so when you receive a massive burst of legit traffic, we are ready for it. We handle a worldwide customer base, with a majority of customers on tier 1 hosting providers like Peer1, Level 3 or Verizon Business. While our services may not suit smaller companies, whether you are a large E-commerce site or a major business that cannot afford or tolerate downtime, we have your back.

Quit stressing out your servers and take you DDoS protection to the next level with GETSHIELD.