GETSHIELD 30 Minute DDoS Protection Implementation Plan

DDoS Protection Process

DDoS Protection solutions for your website

GETSHIELD has a simple process to get a client on-board and get their website secured. There is a minimal setup (DNS Only) required from the client side and our team take care of the rest.

The Process:

  • Client will provide us domain name and IP address of their server

  • GETSHIELD will do a setup on their clusters and provide a Proxy IP to the client.

  • GETSHIELD will provide a list of IPs to the client to be WHITELISTED at the Firewall.

  • Client will make DNS Changes to Point the domain to GETSHIELD Proxy IP.

  • All the traffic will start coming to GETSHIELD protected proxies.

  • Attack traffic will be filtered by GETSHIELD and Bad traffic will be discarded or added in temporary block list.

  • Good Clean Traffic will be sent to Client Server to access the website.


It is recommended to block all the traffic at firewall and allow only certain IPs. Additional security will be provided if the backend IP address gets changed. Advance mitigation includes balancing the traffic between multiple IPs. Or restricting it for some specific countries only.

We have multiple locations for DDoS Mitigation, which allows clients to have lowest latency and preferences as well. Depending on the size and type of the attack, locations can be changed or combined to handle large or complex attacks.